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Call, email or text issues to our tech support team (given as part of a purchased package) so if you have questions at anytime, you get answers

Tech Support

Our cloud based solution gives you the best features as they come out for free, as long as you use the system.  

This keeps you currrent, with the latest, greatest most powerful features all the time.

Socrates features list

Academic Reporting
Admissions Management
Appointment Management
     In person
Assessment Management
Attendance Tracking
Behavior Management
Bookstore Management
Cafeteria Management
Classroom Management
Social Media (Video and Text)
Virtual Classroom (integrated video conferencing and lesson presentation)
Clinic Management - Immunizations & Mandatory Medical Documents
Curriculum Management
Enrollment Management
Event Calendar
Facility Management
Faculty / Staff Management
Financial Management
Fundraising Management (Future)
K-12 / Higher Education
Housing Management (Future)
Independent / Private Schools
Library Management (Electronic Curriculum Current State – Full Library Future)
Parent Portal
School Districts
Special Education
Student Information / Records
Student Portal

Gain more education awesomEness

Isn't it about time there was an inexpensive, efficient system, fully integrated, easy to use and available anywhere?

Isn't it about time there was a system that catered to everyone with whom you do business?  Imagine districts, school staff, students, parents, vendors and regulatory agencies all working together...oh my!

That time is now, and the system is Socrates SMS.

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