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What is Socrates SMS?

Socrates is a school management system created to automate school processes and digitize your paperwork. It was designed for ease of use and to give you the information you need quickly with the least amount of clicks.

Work Smarter

Socrates will do the mundane work like scheduling appointments and correcting tests while you concentrate on more important things, like teaching, communicating with students/parents and solving issues.

All Digital

Look up anything anywhere. Since everything is digital, no longer will students need to carry a backpack full of heavy books and supplies, all they will need is a PC, laptop or tablet, and optionally a smartphone.
Every book is digital, every lesson is online, every test, quiz and exam can be in the computer.

Cool Features

Students and (optionally) Parents can review class schedules, syllabus, assignments, grades and attendance at any time, anywhere via the Socrates app or online. See any issues, communicate them right away with priority issues messaging and tracking. 

Need more?  Set up a video appointment with the teacher to discuss matters.
Even have a video conference to tutor several students at one time.

These are just a few of the powerful features you can take advantage of in Socrates SMS.

Technical Support

Get Help from the Socrates pros when you need it with various levels of support

Stay Social

Find friends and set up support systems on Socrates SMS mobile apps.  Always be informed and in touch with what's happening on campus

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January 23rd 2018

Master the art of social media and education.

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Go Mobile

December 19th 2017

Mobile matters. Education Everywhere.

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Customers Love Us…

Tanny Tan

Coming from a teacher whose schoo uses 8 different systems to accomplish what this unified systems can do is amazing

Charlotte Bay

Just what we need.  It's about time there was something modern for schools to track all the things we do in education

Stephanie Tanner

This makes keeping up on every thing regarding school easy!  Checking my homwork and grades are just a click away

Carlos James

This makes school soooo easy!  My education is literally in my hands

Mark Norman

This makes teaching easy.  As a new teacher, I don't have to learn multiple systems to do my job.  I can concentrate more on my students than paperwork


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201 to 500 Students

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Call for Pricing

> 500 Students

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